PhD Students

Jinxin WEI

Jinxin WEI  finished her bachelor from the Northeastern University.In July 2019,she started her PhD about the pre-conditioning process of the carbonation cured-concrete under the guidance of Professor TC LING.


Education Background

2019-now:  PhD of Civil Engineering,Collage of Civil Engineering,Hunan University,China.
2019-2015:  Bachelor of Civil Engineering,College of Civil Engineering,Northeastern University,China..  


Presentation of PhD work

Total concrete market including both dry-mix and wet-mix products . The dry-mix concretes, such as concrete blocks, pavers and hollow core slabs, are consolidated by special vibration compaction and can be demolded immediately after casting. Wet-mix concretes constitute the majority of precast products which are formed using superplasticizer and internal vibrator. The wet-mix concretes require24 h curing before the mold can be removed. The problem is the wet-mix concrete contains higher liquid content.There is concern on the pre-conditioning process in concrete before the carbonation curing .


Selected Papers