Prof. Tung-Chai LING is looking for local and international students and researchers with a commitment to excellence. Highly motivated and enthusiastic students, intellectually curious and creative researchers proficient in English are always welcome to contact Prof. Tung-Chai LING.
Candidates Requirements
  • Scientific ambition
  • Motivation and strong interest in research
  • Good analytical and solving skills
  • Good team working skills
  • Excellent writing skill
Position Openings

  • Master student position
  • PhD position
  • Postdoctoral researcher position: applicant must have an approved dissertation by the time of the deadline with a significant publication in relevant international conference and top journals in the research area covered by our team

Contact Information
If you feel that your profile matches our main research area and you are interested in joining us, you can contact Prof. Tung-Chai LING ( time. In addition, Prof. Tung-Chai LING always welcome the opportunity to collaborate with researchers, engineers, industrial and academic partners in China and internationally.
Special Attention

For prospective Postdoctoral researchers, please, adhere to the following guidelines in your correspondence:

1- CV

1.Send a resume following these instructions: send the cv in a pdf form, limited to at most 2 pages using an 11 pt font size.
2.Your CV should contain the following information: Name, birth date, mailing address, phone, and e-mail address
3.Educational information: please include all details about the degree received or currently enrolled in, and the institution information (name, city) and the date or expected date of graduation, list your GPA
4.Bachelor/Master/ thesis Project: include the title and a summary
5.Work experience
7.Providing any relevant English test (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) to show your English proficiency will be a plus
2- Cover letter
Explain clearly why you are interested in joining our team and qualified for the position which you are applying
3- Recommendation letters   


Notice that apart from these guidelines, Prof. Tung-Chai LING will also follow the procedure established by Hunan University and only short-listed applicants will be contacted and invited for interviews.