PhD Students


Xin SHAO  finished her bachelor from the College of Civil Engineering, Hunan University. In September 2019, she started her PhD about life cycle assessment(LCA)and carbonation under the guidance of Professor TC LING.

Education Background

2019-now:PhD of Civil Engineering, College of Civil Engineering, Hunan University, China.

2015-2019:  Bachelor of Engineering Management, College of Civil Engineering, Hunan University, China.

Presentation of PhD work

There are many ways of curing concrete, such as CO2 curing, water curing, steam curing and natural curing. The influence of each curing method on concrete strength is not the same, and its economy and environmental protection are also different. Now, she aims to experimentally measure the change in strength during each curing method, and to conduct life cycle assessment(LCA) and economic analysis to find a concrete curing method that is more economical and environmentally friendly while maintaining the strength of concrete.

Selected Papers