PhD Students

Yuxuan LIU;

Yuxuan LIU obtained his bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Hunan University, China. He continued to pursue postgraduate study in University of Dundee, UK, where he obtained an Msc in structural Engineering with distinction. Currently, he works on the area of Calcined kaolinite waste cement as a PhD candidate under the supervision of Prof. T-C LING in Hunan University.

Education Background

2016: Msc Structural Engineering, University of Dundee, UK

2015: BEng Civil Engineering, Hunan University, China

Presentation of PhD work

Aims to activate local kaolinate waste by calcination, and use it to replace cement along with limestone. Main objectives:

• Identify potential kaolinate waste material
• Optimize activation procedure and cement blended proportion.
• Assess the feasible use of calcined kaolinite waste cement.

Selected Papers

Tung-Chai Ling, Yuxuan Liu, Senthil Kumar. K. (2017). Feasible use of recycled concrete aggregates in self-compacting concrete - A review. 71st RILEM Week and International Conference on Advances in Construction Materials and Systems (ICACMS-2017), IIT Madras, Chennai, India, 3 - 8 September 2017, Rilem Proceedings PRO 118, Vol. 2, pp.137-145.