Research Focus 

The focus of Prof. T-C LING's team is Environmentally Friendly Construction Materials, in particular waste recycling/technologies and carbonation research. The goal is to promote ZERO Waste and Carbon Negative options for sustainable construction development, through innovative materials science and engineering technology. 

     Research Interest 

 Mineral Carbonation Technology (MCT)
 Carbonating Granulated Wastes (CGW)
 Calcined Kaolinite Waste Materials (CKW)
 Value-added Waste Materials (VWM)
 Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Ongoing Research Activities

- Development of mineral carbonation technologies for wastes and concrete products

- CO2 surface treatment for recycled concrete aggregate, cement waste powder and concrete products

 Understanding the influences of mechanism of carbonation products (crystalline structure, polymerization, etc.) on microstructure, mechanical and thermal properties of cement-based materials

- Development of thermally efficient and carbon-negative of recycling based materials

- Calcination of local kaolinite wastes for low-carbon cement concrete 

- Environmental sustainability assessment of construction materials produced in China