Prof Ling presented his L'Hermite Medal awarded report at RILEM Conference 2020

13 Sep 2020


On 2nd September 2020, as invited by the International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures (RILEM), Professor Tung-Chai Ling, from Civil Engineering College, Hunan University, China presented his 2020 Robert L'Hermite Medal Award Report after the opening ceremony of 74th RILEM Annual Conference. His report entitled "Development in the Active Use of CO2 in the Wastes and Cement for Sustainable Construction Products". In this 45-minute presentation, Professor Ling systematically introduced the application of CO2 in waste and cement-based materials, and also, provided ideas and directions of future research in this field. He encouraged more young scholars to actively participate in this scientific research, at the same time, invited scholars to visit Hunan University for exchange. There was a Q & A session after the report, both local and international participants highly appreciated Professor Ling's excellent report and they had a fruitful discussion.
The research of carbonation technology can be traced back to the 70s. Due to the recent enforcement on the carbon emission standards and environmental protection measures, more and more scholars believe that CO2 storage is the most suitable method. The reaction product thermally stable, and by utilizing CO2 to perform acceleration carbonation curing, the fresh concrete or mortar can rapidly gain strength as well as portraying good mechanical properties. Professor Ling’s research group focuses on transforming different kinds of solid wastes into functional artificial aggregates and carbonated cement products, aiming to promote the application of low-energy building materials. In these three years, they have made a series of achievements, such as publishing over 10 SCI papers which are related to carbonation, in charged of 3 national and 1 provincial and ministerial projects (including "One Belt and One Road" key project), and applying numerous patents.
Established in 1967, Robert L'Hermite Medal is an international award which is granted annually to a young and middle-aged scientist (aged under 40 years old) who has made outstanding contributions in the field of construction materials and structures. Since then, numbers of internationally renowned scholars have won the medal. After Professor Yiu-Wing Mai (Academician of the Australian Academy of Science, The Royal Society, the European Academy of Sciences, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Engineering), Professor Ling is the second Chinese scholar to receive this award. In addition, he is the first medal winner from the Chinese universities.