Jiang Yi was awarded HNU Civil Engineering College Top Ten Academic Individual

06 Jun 2020


  Jiang Yi was awarded HNU Civil Engineering College "Top Ten Academic Individual". His main research direction was the carbonation treatment and application of steel slag. Four SCI papers were published at his master stage, and one of the review articles published in Resources Conservation and Recycling was rated as ESI hot paper and highly cited paper. He has attended conferences in Xi'an, Wuhan, Jinan, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other places. During his master's degree, he received 1 national scholarship and 3 first-class academic scholarships.
  He mainly focused on the classification, treatment and utilization of solid waste, and promoted the scale and level of solid waste recycling by mastering the key technologies of solid waste treatment. The main contents include the use of accelerated carbonation of steel slag to prepare high-strength carbonized cementitious materials and artificial aggregates; the use of waste concrete powder and slag to prepare artificial aggregates; the improvement of the concrete interface transition zone; the study of carbonation kinetics of steel slag with the help of corresponding surface models and shrinkage core models parameter optimization.